Wedding Invitations Color

Your wedding invitation is more than just a wedding invitation. It can be a personal expression of style. Choosing a bold color for your wedding invitation makes can make a statement and set the tone for your reception.

Wedding Invitations by Color

Black and White Wedding Invitations

While black can often be regarded as a somber color, it is always in style, even at a wedding. A classic black and white wedding invitation suggests a formal affair. Regardless of pattern, a black and white wedding invitation will always hint at certain elegance. Whether you choose black and white damask, striped or patterned wedding invitation, a modern black and white wedding invitation, a classic black and white wedding invitation or a plain black and white wedding invitation you’ll be in style. Black remains one of those colors that will never fall out of fashion, even when it comes to wedding invitations.

Blue Wedding Invitations

Blue is a fantastic and versatile color for wedding invitations. If you are planning a destination wedding to a beach or tropical spot, a blue wedding invitation signifies warm water and clear blue skies. If you’re planning a spring wedding, a baby blue wedding invitation suggests the softness of spring. A bright blue wedding invitation could be perfect for a summer wedding. And even a midnight blue wedding invitation for can be a perfect compliment to a sunset ceremony. If blue is your color, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your wedding invitations.

Brown Wedding Invitations

As the saying goes “brown is the new black.” And this hold true for wedding invitations also. A brown wedding invitation is still formal while indicating a slightly more relaxed feel. A brown wedding invitation also lends a more earthy and simple ceremony and reception. When paired with blue or pink a brown wedding invitation can be refined and still exuberant. Don’t be afraid to pick brown as a base color and punch it up with another color for an unusual wedding invitation look.

Green Wedding Invitations

Don’t be scared to use green in your wedding invitations. Green can be a perfect complement to your flowers, dress and surroundings. If you’ve planned a tropical destination for your wedding, green in your wedding invitations will mirror the tropical floral and fauna. A mossy green wedding invitation is down to earth and still elegant. A neon green wedding invitation is hip and modern. A hunter green wedding invitation can be elegant and classic. The possibilities are endless when you choose green for your wedding invitations.

Pink Wedding Invitations

Pink is not just for little girls and sweet 16 parties anymore. Pink is another versatile color, perfect for a wedding invitation. A light pink is perfect for a spring time wedding. A brighter pink is perfect for a hot summer wedding. Pair pink with brown for a cool, modern wedding invitation. Try pink and red for a Valentine’s wedding invitation. If you’ve always imagined pink flowers, match your wedding invitations to your favorite flowers for an added splash of color.

Red Wedding Invitations

Red is a symbol of luck and of love. There should be no better color for your wedding invitations. Red is also very adaptable to contemporary and classic styles. While it is a bold choice, there is no need to shy away from a bright red wedding invitation. Red is the perfect color for a wedding invitation around the holidays and even Valentine’s Day. Pair red with black and you can have a classic wedding invitation or a modern wedding invitation.