Brown Wedding Invitations

Brown Wedding Invitations
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Brown Wedding Invitations
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Brown Wedding Invitations
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Brown Wedding Invitations

The lush color brown can be the perfect addition of luxury to your wedding day. This color has made debuts in even celebrity weddings due to the class and sophistication that it projects. Aside from the fact that brown looks luxurious when wrapped in lighter colors, it is also a universal symbol of nature. There’s something calming and reassuring about returning to nature on your wedding day. While you don’t have to plan an eco-friendly green wedding, you can pay tribute to the earth through the colors that you choose for your event.

The color brown is, perhaps, the closest that you can get to the earth when choosing wedding day colors. The trick to incorporating brown into your wedding is to add subtle splash of the color without going overboard. If you are a bit apprehensive regarding this color, consider some great color combinations and ideas that include bits of subtle brown. Try to keep in mind that you don’t have to cover every last table top and corner in the color itself – in fact, downplaying this color is the best way to make it stand out.

Possible Brown Color Combinations

Brown is as versatile as black…maybe even more! There are many ways that you can dress up the color brown. Here are some possible combinations that will make any wedding day truly unique: brown and pink; brown and blue; tan and dark brown; chocolate brown and green; and dark brown with orange.

A large pink cake wrapped in a tidy brown bow is magnificent. Likewise, bridesmaids’ dresses that include taupe mixed with chocolate brown are breathtaking. While it won’t be difficult to match brown with most colors, there are a few color combinations that require special attention.

Brown mixed with deep red, grey, dark blue, and black can be stunning if they are blended expertly. Still, if you are choosing these colors, make sure that you combine them with a light hand. Touches of red, grey, blue, and black can be nice, but too much of any one color can be muddy when mixed with brown.

Start With the Invites

If you aren’t sure how you want to incorporate the color brown into your wedding day scheme, consider playing around with your invites first. As you look over various wedding invitations that include bits of brown, something is bound to strike you.

Once you find the right color pattern, you can then take ideas from those wedding invitations and add them to the rest of your wedding day. Soon enough, you will find a way to connect with nature, add a touch of brown, and bring instant sophistication to your big day.

Remember, brown is a great way to show your appreciation for the earth. Brown is quickly becoming the most popular wedding day color for good reason -- while some brides may appreciate the understated luxury of brown, it can be truly eye-catching when it is mixed with the right accent colors.