Sample Wording - Bachelorette Party Invitations

At a loss for words? Browse our sample bachelorette party invitation wording selection for any occasion or event!

Bachelorette Party Verse 1

Nighties and teddies, a little silk bra
Are all sure to make Joe say–

Please join us for
Lauren's Bachelorette Party

Saturday, February 19th @ 7pm
510 South 2nd Street


*Please bring a sexy piece of lingerie for the bride*

Bachelorette Party Verse 2

You're most cordially invited
to a fabulous

Bachelorette Party

in honor of the upcoming wedding of

Jessica Schaffner

Saturday, March 12

Please reply by March 1
to Meredith at 300-5607

Bachelorette Party Verse 3

Alison and Matt will soon be wed
So let's get Alison dressed for bed!
Come out for one last fling
Two weekends before the wedding bells ring!

Please join us for a
Bachelorette Weekend
Lingerie Shower

Friday, February 4th - Sunday, February 6th
Atlantic Beach, FL

Regrets to Tyler Johnson

Bachelorette Party Verse 4


hold on to your sombreros it's

bachelorette party!

we're throwing a
south of the border fiesta
the HOT time begins at 6 pm
142 cottonwood road in frankfort

plenty of margaritas and
mexican munchies for everyone
see you there amigas

si or no?
michelle hall · 300-5607

Bachelorette Party Verse 5

While Brooke's Prince Charming is away,
we are taking her out to play.
Everything will be alright
for one last wild & crazy night!

Join us for
Brooke's Bachelorette Weekend!

Thursday, March 10th - Sunday, March 13th
Savannah, GA

Please RSVP by March 1st

Bachelorette Party Verse 6

Sarah has found her Mr. Right
Let's get the girls together
before the big night!

Saturday, March 10th
7:00 p.m. cocktails and appetizers
at Emily's House - 103 Main Street
then off to Midland Street bars!

Hosted by:
Molly Kennedy, Emily Lewis*
and Ava Thompson

R.s.v.p. 300-5607