Toys Baby Shower Invitations

Toys Baby Shower Invitations

Choose invitations tailored to the event and send them out at least 2 weeks in advance of the baby shower. It is not a bad idea to call your guests a month ahead of time to tell them to “save the date”; the shower will be a bigger success if all of Mom’s guests can attend. Send RSVP cards out with your invitations so you know exactly how many to expect. Be creative and put a good deal of thought into your decision before you start booking or buying supplies. The extra effort you put into choosing the right type of shower will pay off ten-fold when you see the ecstatic look on her face!

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If you’ve volunteered or been asked to host a baby shower for a friend or family member, you are a lucky girl indeed! Hosting the shower is a great honor and a chance to show your pregnant friend just how much you care for her. There are many considerations to keep in mind as you are planning, but most important is that the type of shower you choose to throw is a good choice for the expectant mother. The shower is a celebration for her and her baby; you want her to be as comfortable and happy as possible throughout the event.

Start by talking to her and sharing ideas. It might help to make a small checklist, to be sure you reallyunderstand what her wishes are:

  • How is she feeling? Sometimes late pregnancy is extremely taxing. She may not feel like dressing up and spending an entire afternoon entertaining a large group of people.
  • Is there anyone she would rather not invite, or anyone she would really love to see there?
  • Is she even up to having a shower at all, or would it be best to wait until after Baby’s arrival?
  • How does she feel about her growing belly? While a lot of mothers love the silly games and activities that are part of a traditional baby shower, some mothers feel self-conscious about their size or shape and would rather not be the center of attention.
  • What does she still need to buy for the baby? Perhaps a diaper or clothesline shower would really help her out.

Many of the other decisions you will make really depend on how well you know the mother. Maybe you’ve known her since childhood and she’s always be a fan of a certain band… wouldn’t it be fun to plan a shower playing their music and having guests dress up as the band members?