Clothings Baby Shower Invitations

Clothings Baby Shower Invitations

You want to throw a shower that will really knock everyone’s socks off? You don’t have to blow your budget to do it… great planning and creative thinking work wonders! Begin by deciding what type of baby shower you want to hold. Are you having a huge event and inviting all of her friends and family? Maybe you’re planning an intimate, lavish evening with close friends to spoil your expectant friend before the baby arrives. It is best to run your ideas past the expectant mother beforehand to ensure that she is comfortable with the type of shower you have in mind.

A great shower for close friends is the “Spa Day” baby shower. This can be tailored to suit different budgets; an expensive route would be to book a day together at a spa, with each guest contributing to the cost of the mother’s treatment. The budget-conscious hostess could set her living room up as a spa for the day; have each guest bring their own facial and pedicure supplies to do their own treatments. Guests would then enjoy a relaxing day of facials, massages and manicures while spending time with their expectant friend… while she still has time to spare!

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The “Ultimate Baby Shower” is different for every mother… your best bet at planning an event that she will never forget is to speak with the mother beforehand to discover what type of shower she would really enjoy, then plan accordingly. Have all of your details ironed out well before the baby shower is to take place. Buy all of your supplies and mentally walk through the event. You will need to have:

  • A suitable venue large enough to accommodate all of your guests
  • Invitations ordered to arrive at least 2 weeks before the shower so you have time to get them in the mail
  • RSVP cards to know how many guests are coming (this will affect your seating plan, the amount of food you will provide, the number of favors you must buy, etc)
  • Decorations to set the theme and mood of your shower
  • A baby shower celebratory cake or cupcakes
  • Games planned to entertain guests and keep the party flowing smoothly

You will have other considerations depending on the type of shower you are planning. Keep track of your planning in a notebook and you won’t miss a trick!